Tree Service in Chesterfield County, VA

Barrows Tree Service provides professional tree services to all of Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Our team is made up of fully licensed and experienced arborists and tree experts who will work hard to treat you with the respect you deserve and make sure your trees remain healthy and well-groomed throughout the year.

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    Tree Services in Chesterfield County

    chesterfield tree service

    Barrows Tree Service provides a wide array of services to the towns and communities in Chesterfield County. 

    Tree Removal

    There are plenty of reasons for tree removal in Chesterfield County, VA. Landscape renovations, improving views, and preventing the spread of diseases or damages caused by a falling, dying tree are all common reasons to cut down a tree, and tree removal is sometimes necessary for the safety of your property. Barrows Tree Service provides tree removal and supplementary services, such as debris hauling and log splitting, at competitive prices. 

    Tree Trimming

    Trimming and pruning your trees can help promote healthy growth and control how your trees' branches develop. From eliminating overcrowding and potential disease or infestation points to removing dead or loose branches, our professionals can easily identify the best way to approach your trimming and pruning needs. 

    Stump Grinding

    Tree removal does not necessarily include stump grinding; this service is offered in addition to the tree removal. It requires the use of a special grinder and is the most efficient way to eliminate stumps. 

    Other Services

    Barrows Tree Service is a full service company. As such, we provide more than just tree removal, trimming and stump grinding. Other services include, but are not limited to:

    If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above, please contact Barrows Tree Service today to learn more about our free estimates and affordable prices.

    Chesterfield County Neighborhoods

    Map of Chesterfield County Virginia

    Located south of Richmond, Chesterfield County is renowned for its rich history and natural beauty. If you are looking for professional, affordable and quality tree service in Chesterfield County, VA, Barrows Tree Service provides all of this and more. 

    Bon Air

    The safe, scenic views as you walk along the streets of Bon Air help make this one of the most popular areas in Chesterfield County. To help keep your property beautifully manicured, a professional tree risk assessment can identify potential issues that can be easily mitigated before they become problems that are more expensive. 


    The Manchester area offers residents a diverse, suburban environment. A mix of styles help promote this diversity and enhance the aesthetics. This mix, however, brings a blend of tree species that can require different help to ensure they stay healthy and stable.


    With a population of roughly 7,000, Woodlake has fewer people than some of the other regions in Chesterfield County, and the suburban area offers residents a beautiful, modern community with a variety of nearby amenities. Many properties includes large, mature trees; storms, diseases and infestations can damage the structural integrity of these trees.

    Free Estimates for Chesterfield County Tree Services

    If you live in Chesterfield County, VA or the surrounding area, Barrows Tree Service can help keep your majestic property healthy and beautiful. Whether you are looking for tree removal, trimming or risk assessments, Barrows Tree Service has the experience to ensure all of your tree needs at taken care of at affordable prices. 

    With more than 100 years of collective experience on the team, our licensed arborists and experienced technicians have the knowledge and skill to help you make the most of your trees. 

    Do you have a tree in Chesterfield County that needs service? Get in touch with Barrows Tree Service today for a free estimate.

    Service Area

    Barrows Tree Service serves the following areas in the Richmond metropolitan area:

    • Richmond
    • Chesterfield County
    • Henrico County

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