Tree Service in Henrico County, VA

Barrows Tree Service provides professional tree services to all of Henrico County, Virginia.

Our team is made up of fully licensed and experienced arborists and tree experts who will work hard to treat you with the respect you deserve and make sure your trees remain healthy and well-groomed throughout the year.

Give us a call today! We'd love to hear from you and tell you more about how we can bring out the best in your trees.

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    Tree Services in Henrico County

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    Barrows serves the Henrico County, VA, and surrounding area. Our portfolio offers residents and businesses a vast array of professional tree services that can enhance properties and maintain the health of trees.

    Tree Removal

    One of our most requested services is to cut down a tree. From hindering views and impeding landscape renovations to becoming diseased and endangering the health and safety of other trees, removing a tree may be necessary. Tree removal services range in price based on the scope of work being requested. Contact Barrows Tree Service today for your free estimate.  

    Tree Trimming

    Tree trimming and pruning can promote healthy growth, eliminate potential disease and infestation points, and eliminate risks to surrounding structures and plants. The experts at Barrows Tree Service offer professional trimming and pruning, transparent pricing, and affordable prices. 

    Stump Grinding

    Tree removal, fallen trees, and storm damages may leave behind a stump. This eyesore can impede your ability to maintain the rest of your property, attract infestations, and decrease your property value. The professionals with Barrows Tree Service offer quality stump grinding that can quickly and efficiently remove this eyesore and restore beauty to your property. 

    Other Services

    Barrows Tree Services offers more than just removal, trimming and grinding services. In fact, some of our other popular Henrico County services include:

    Whether you see a particular service listed above or not, we encourage you to contact Barrows Tree Service today. We provide free estimates and may be able to help even if a service is not listed above.

    Henrico County Neighborhoods

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    Henrico County is large and diverse. A large part of Henrico County is located to the west of Richmond and an even larger region is located to the east. With a wide variety of communities, businesses, and shops, this county has a lot to offer.  

    Glen Allen

    Glen Allen is located in the northwest area of Henrico County. A diverse blend of quiet neighborhoods and busy shopping centers, this area is largely family-friendly. In order to maintain the diverse properties in the area, Barrows Tree Service offers a wide array of services that can keep your property looking beautiful year-round. 


    The Lakeside area includes the beautiful Bryan Park, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, and Belmont Park. Primarily composed of single-family homes, this area is a diverse suburb. With varying landscapes that include trees of all shapes and sizes, tree care is essential.

    Short Pump

    Short Pump offers residents an upscale lifestyle with quality public schools. A bustling suburban area, Short Pump is located in West Henrico County and attracts many affluent residents. Well-manicured landscapes help promote the luxurious feel of this area; maintaining healthy and beautiful trees is an essential part of life in Short Pump.

    Free Estimates for Henrico County Tree Services

    If you have a home or business in Henrico County, Barrows Tree Service is your #1 choice for tree removals, trimming, pruning, and more. We want the trees on your property to remain healthy, beautiful, and safe!

    With more than 100 years of collective experience on the team, our arborists and tree professionals have the knowledge and skill to help you make the most of your trees. 

    Do you have a tree in Henrico County that needs service? Get in touch with Barrows Tree Service today for a free estimate.

    Service Area

    Barrows Tree Service serves the following areas in the Richmond metropolitan area:

    • Richmond
    • Chesterfield County
    • Henrico County

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